Neo Eyestyling Express Lashes

Are you struggling with:

  •  A busy schedule leaving no time for those long salon visits? 
  • Allergic reactions from regular extensions? 
  • Using mascara but hate the panda eyes they create and how difficult they are to remove. 
  • Application of strip lashes? 
  • Thin or damaged lashes that cannot support traditional eyelash extensions of lash lift?

Why Neo Eyestyling Express Lashes?

  • Quick Application at the salon: Our 10-minute express service gives the same result as traditional eyelash extensions.
  • The glue used for application is hypoallergenic so will not cause irritation to sensitive eyes.
  • Thin or damaged lashes? No worries. Our express lashes not only enhance your look but also let your natural lashes breathe and recover underneath while you use your favorite lash serum.
  • Perfect if you have a special event/party/wedding and you prefer short term wear.
  • The service includes our take-home kit with video tutorials to guide you step-by-step, making application, removal, and reusing the lashes are super easy.
  • The lash segments can be reused up to 4 times
  • The lashes are water-resistant and sweat-resistant, they’ve got you covered for a good 7-10 days.